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Fly CemAir Canada will offer aircraft, crew and maintenance support to air carriers in Canada and around the world, as either full ACMI or Charter services

ACMI Leasing

FlyCemAir Canada's ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) support will be in the form of short term or long term:

  • Seasonal capacity increase with flexibility during peak seasons
  • Maintenance relief
  • Operational capacity
  • Peace of mind with a Long Term Turn Key Solution

An ACMI Agreement with FlyCemAir Canada will allow our customer to focus on building their brand. The hardest thing in aviation is to have the work but spreading your own operation too thin, so allow FlyCemAir Canada to take care of your day to day operations at a very affordable rate.


FlyCemAir Canada's Charter Service will offer our clients a short notice dispatch with crew on standby 24/7. Our service provides our customers with a turnkey solution:

  • Unscheduled aircraft maintenance/AOG
  • Crew Shortage

The possibilities of how we can assist our customers to grow are limitless


FlyCemAir Canada will be providing a comprehensive solution to all our clients' aviation needs. Especially when a short term charter, full ACMI lease or any aircraft requirement, demands on time performance and reliability. That is why FlyCemAir Canada will have its own maintenance facility and personnel. Our clients will be able to rest assured that all the manpower and resources will be available to ensure their requirements are met. FlyCemAir Canada Maintenance plans to handle all: heavy maintenance, modifications, reconfigurations, mobile repair parties, lease returns, aircraft leasing, spares and support for all ACMI and charters operations, including avionics & instrument service and installations.

FlyCemAir Canada will be operating and maintaining Beechcraft 1900D, de Havilland Dash 8 and CRJ aircraft, and will have a large inventory of spares and components in-house and through a global supply chain, as well as ground support equipment for these aircraft. With our experienced maintenance staff and large spares inventory, you are guaranteed the most reliable service.

Fly CemAir Canada can offer these services immediately outside of Canada through the CemAir South Africa operation


The FlyCemAir Story

  • The origin of FlyCemAir Canada

    Our Beginning

    Roots in Africa

    FlyCemAir Canada Ltd’s roots in the aviation industry were planted over 20 years ago in Africa and we are now making Canada our home. FlyCemAir will set a new standard for domestic and international airline charter services as well as ACMI operations. With our focus on ensuring customer satisfaction while operating to the highest aviation safety standards FlyCemAir guarantees our customers turnkey solutions to all their needs.

  • FlyCemAir Canada Maintenance Facility for ACMI and Charter Customers

    Maintenance Facility

    Our home

    FlyCemAir Canada is establishing its own Maintenance facility and spares inventory which will allow all its ACMI and charter customers the peace of mind that when a FlyCemAir Canada flight dispatches, it will dispatch with a full support team that ensures reliability to our customer.

  • FlyCemAir Canada has a fleet of modern aircraft

    Our Fleet

    Our Aircraft

    Aircraft types to be operated are the Dash 8 100/Q300/Q400, CRJ 100/200 and 900 as well as the tried and tested Beechcraft 1900D. FlyCemAir operates 22 aircraft globally and understands operations in heavily populated areas and remote locations.

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Our Fleet

Our aircraft types

FlyCemAir Canada CRJ900

Bombardier CRJ900

Our biggest aircraft

FlyCemAir Canada CRJ100/200

Bombardier CRJ100/200

Jet comfort

FlyCemAir Canada Beech 1900D

Beechcraft 1900D

A Work-Horse

FlyCemAir Canada Dash 8 Q400

De Havilland Dash 8-Q400

Big and Quiet

FlyCemAir Canada Dash 8 Q300

De Havilland Dash 8-Q300

Quiet comfort

FlyCemAir Canada Dash 8 100

De Havilland Dash 8-100

Compact Utility

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